Rapid Disaster Response Vessel 


Image a fleet of boats (most likely various size barges) that contain 5 to 10 Recovery Outpost Units that can be deployed and set up within 6-12 hours after the end of a hurricane or tornado passes through an area. These Recovery Outposts can immediately deploy already-charged portable electric generators, set up both a fully-electrified command center and emergency medical triage center. It generates this in-house electricity by seeking out and removing the most obstructive tree/foliage and other types of combustible debris from the nearby area where it resides.   Within a week, these neighborhoods surrounding the Recovery Outposts show demonstratable results – courtesy of the “Trash” Navy. 



  • A Small-Scale Frontline Waste Mobile Combustor to destroy fallen trees and foliage, C&D materials 
  • The ORC Power Generator attached to the Combustor used to produce a net 50-100 kWh of electricity   
  • A series of X Portable Electric Generators (fully charged initially & redeployed after ROU recharge      
  • A Small Medical Triage Center (using ROU power)      
  • A Command Center (using ROU power)        
  • 1 Shredder and 1 Wood Chipper for use on disaster debrise in fuel prep for combustor




Each boat arrives to a nearby port prior to the anticipated hurricane or after the disaster event (hurricane, tornado, flood).  ROUs are connected to local semi-trailer trucks (3 per ROU) and brought to the most critical destinations to be set up.   Within 6-12 hours, the entire ROU is set up and the mobile combustor is generating electricity to be used by the entire ROU.      Portable generators are deployed right away fanning out into the area, and are brought back for recharging each day, and replaced by a fully-charged unit.   


Status: We are currently conducting market research, speaking with disaster recovery professionals, and building our management team for this venture. 11/18. Please contact rob@oceancurrency.com if this piques your interest. 

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