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About Us 

Permanently Clean The Islands…Save our Ocean!

Ocean Currency International (OCI) is a pioneer in Direct-Social-Action Development. Our mission is to transform the world’s islands, waterways and beach communities into sustainable Waste-Free Impact Zones and improve the quality of life of each global island community.


Island nations face disproportionately high rates of urban MSW(municipal solid waste) due to tourism and the high cost of exporting recyclable materials. The waste’s impact on nature, human health and quality of life in turn affects the tourism industry that the island depends on. 

While everyone now understands the problem of plastic in our ocean, most people disengage as they feel their individual actions do not make a difference. OCI engages and enables ocean-loving corporate employees and individual consumers through aspirational purchase-based funding to give them a way to make a direct, tangible physical difference in creating plastics-free water, better air quality, and a healthier, cleaner world.

Meet Our Team

A pair of passionate professionals connected to the ocean in their own ways with a diversity in backgrounds that demand success

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Michael Torres 

“The Conductor” 

Group CEO / Entrepreneur in the Personal Health Technology and the Human Performance market. Advisor to the Consumer Technology Association. Former US Army Combat Veteran, Strategic Leader and visionary.

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Rob Steir 

“The Connector” 

Seasoned executive with 20+ years experience in early stage products, patent development, innovative ideas, and companies. Expert at opening doors and business development. 

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